Tengo mi boleto

I booked my one way ticket to Panama City yesterday, not the redneck one in Florida, the real one in Panama.  My mom booked her round trip flight today.  And we both booked our flights from Panama City to Bocas Del Torro today.  The plan is for us to fly out of Cincinnati together in a month.  We will have a layover in Houston, but since I’m trying to save my airline miles I’m taking a longer route through Costa Rica and then to Panama City.  My mom will fly from Houston to Panama City so she will arrive several hours before me.  We are going to spend a few days in Panama City and then fly to the Bocas Del Torro on the Caribbean coast.

I just realized I’m already tired of writing about things I’m planning on doing.  You don’t get credit for shit you plan on doing, shit you almost did, shit your cousin did or shit you wanted to do.  The future tense is boring.  The point is that everything is booked.  The vague idea that I had one boring night while standing tower duty at Cherry Point has now been set in motion.  In the last five years the idea has gone through many versions and in the last two it has come into focus.  At least the first week has come into focus.  The next three months to three decades after that are still gloriously blurry; which is exciting and really is kind of the point.

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