A day off and grocery shopping

I was feeling totally overwhelmed with work this week so I decided to take the day off.  I slept late.  It was awesome :).  After I got out of bed I spent about three hours on the internet.  I just check out face book and twitter.  I really needed to catch up and comment on some of the crazy things going on in my friends’ lives.  Later I went to grocery store to stock up for the royal wedding party I’m throwing this weekend.  I spent over two hundred dollars.  I got Corona Light, Smirnoff Ice, chips, salsa, crackers, cheese dip, sandwiches, a veggie plate and so much more.  I am going all out because something this important only happens once in a life time.  I’m going to have thirty people in my tiny apartment, but I’m sure everyone coming over will get along.   Well I need to get ready for the royal wedding party; I’ll post again and let all you know how it went.

I am sorry.  I will never do that again.  I promise to only write about interesting or exciting events and topics.  The above writing is what I imagine most blogging on the internet looks like; self indulgent, boring and obsessed with trivial and meaningless event only vaguely related to the writers life.  It will not happen again.  For the record I did take the day off today.  I did go grocery shopping.  But I am not having a party to celebrate the royal wedding.  All royalty are parasites on the society which they claim to represent.  The “English” royals are actually descendants of inbred German tyrants.

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