A Walk into the Night

I walked down a dirt road in the Ecuadorian forest as dusk began to fall.  I followed the beautiful girl down the road.  A girl that I had been with but whom I was no longer with. I liked her but I wasn’t sure if I would ever be with her again or even if I should.  At first I didn’t want to go on the walk because it sounded boring.  Also, it was the girls idea and after several strained days I didn’t feel like letting her get her way.

We went to see pigs on a tiny farm.  The girl loved all animals except mosquitos.  I liked most animals but not pigs.  After the farm we walked into the forest to find a donkey that the girl had seen a few days before.  The girl loved animals.

As we walked down the South American road fireflies began to flash around us in the fields and forest.  A chorus of insects rose on either side of us in a joyous greeting to the approaching night.  Bats gracefully streaked above us in the slate grey sky.  More fire flies appeared and the world sparkled with yellow orbs.  The perfect tranquility of the end of the day washed over me.  It cleansed me of days of worry and frustration about the girl.  The sour memories faded into the evening behind me.  The nagging uncertainty about the future was swallowed by the night in front of me.  All that existed was one pure moment, a bright yellow flash in the dusk.  I got chills up my spine as my eyes began to water from pure joy.  I was so happy, to be there, at that moment, with her.

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